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Extreme Performance Testing Center(EPTC)
Analytical Service Last update : 2017.08.17 Request for use
Bldg. 316, 1, Gwanak-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Coordinating Country
Hosting Organisations
Seoul National University
Contact Person
Cho, Jae-Yeol,+82-2-880-4291,
Kim, Kwon-Taek,+82-2-880-4187,
Jo, In-Seong,+82-2-880-4188,
RI Category
Extreme Conditions Facilities
Extreme condition,performance testing facility,impact load,extreme temperature,protective structures
- Large experimental facilities to validate, evaluate by simulating extreme loads and extreme environmental temperatures
- Experimental facilities aimed at extreme engineering for the academic-industrial users and technical support services
Application Area
- Low-speed, medium speed, high speed and high speed performance evaluation of the structure and the absence of conflict in the various speed zones
- Extreme environment and characteristics of the structure and the absence of a temperature change in the environment
1. Drop Weight Impact Tester
- Weight : ~ 3.0ton, Height : ~ 15m, Mounted specimen area : 4.5m × 4.5m
2. Middle Speed Propulsion Impact Machine
- Projectile diameter : ~ 250mm, Projectile mass : 10 ~ 100kg, Impact velocity : 220 ~ 470m/s, Max. Size of target : 2.1m × 2.1m (B×H)
3. High Speed Propulsion Impact Machine
- Projectile diameter : ~ 60mm, Projectile mass : 0.5 ~ 5kg, Impact velocity : 0.5 ~ 1.2km/s, Max. Size of target : 0.7m × 0.7m (B×H)
4. Hyper Speed Propulsion Impact Machine
- Projectile diameter : ~ 25mm, Projectile mass : 25 ~ 200g, Impact velocity : 2.6 ~ 7km/s, Max. Size of target : 0.5m × 0.5m (B×H)
5. Extreme Temperature Chamber
- Temperature range : -60 ~ 60℃, Chamber size : 12m × 5m × 3m (L×B×H), 500kN dynamic UTM in the chamber
6. High Speed Hydraulic Machine
- Compressive load at 5m/s load rate : 320 kN, Tensile load at 10m/s load rate : 33kN


Y.J. Yu, J-Y Cho, “Analysis for Verification of Previous Empirical Equation about Behavior of RC Beam under Impact Loading”, Proceedings of the Korea Concrete Institute, 29-1 : 717-718, 2017.

The behavior of RC beam under impact loading is different from that of static state. Thus, various experiment and analysis study have been performed and proposed empirical equation of predicting the behavior of RC beam subjected to impact loading. In this study, analysis was performed to verify the effectiveness of previous empirical equation