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Electron beam irradiation facility
Analytical Service Last update : 2017.08.17 Request for use
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Analytical Facilities
electron beam,irradiation,X-ray,sterilization,R&D
- Feature: 1. Multi-purpose, high efficient electron beam irradiation facility with maximum power capacity (50 kW) in Yeongnam area
- Feature: 2. X-ray irradiation also available (by bombarding electron beam on Ta target, maximum energy: 5 MeV, power: 4 kW)
- Purpose: disposable medical device sterilization, phytosanitary treatment, material modification
- Task: Provide irradiation service to the small and medium-sized enterprises for their product R&D
Application Area
- Industry: polymer and rubber modification (improve the heat-resisting property of wire and cable, improve the wear-resisting property of radial tire, foamed plastic, hydrogel, etc.), electrical and electronic devices (improving the switching property of power semiconductors), adding functionality on materials (battery separators, flame-retardant material, adsorbent, etc.)
- Environment: pollutant decomposition (removement of ammonia, NOx, SOx, etc.), sewage treatment, sludge treatment
- Life science: toxicity reduction, deinsectization, disinfection, functionality promotion of raw materials
- Public health & hygiene: phytosanitary treatment, increase in shelf life, medical device sterilization
- Etc.: color formation of gem stone, preserving cultural properties, etc.
1. RF linac (linear accelerator) for electron beam
- Max. beam energy: 5 MeV, Max. beam current: 10 mA, Pulse type (2-60 Hz), Uniformity: ±2.5%,
2. X-ray converter
- Ta target with stainless steel frame, Water-cooled, Max. 5 MeV X-ray, 4 kW
3. Conveyer system
- Roller type, Speed: 0.5-15 m/min, Size & material: 750 mm(W) × 750 mm(H), SUS304, Length: 66 m
4. Radiation shielding
- Maze-type shielding, Material: reinforced concrete & steel, Size: 18.4 m(L) × 14.0 m(W) × 9.1(H), Thickness: 2.9 m, Design criteria: < 2.5 μSv/h
5. Auxiliaries
- Hoist crane: 2.8 ton, Cooling system: water and air-cooling, Etc.: beam catcher, interlock system, control & monitoring system, radiation monitoring system, control room, modulator room, utility room, movable conveyer, ozone ventilation fan, etc.
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