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Advanced Transmission Electron Microscope
Date of Last update : 2019.09.23 Rivision Request Request for use
RI Category
Analytical Facilities
Transmission electron microscope, Spherical Aberration Correction, Organic Nano Structure Analysis, Cryogenic experiment
Equipment that analyzes the specimen by obtaining the result of bright field image, dark field image, diffraction pattern, etc. when the electron beam passes through the specimen and the transmission line and diffraction line come out.
Acceleration voltage of electron beam can be used from 60 kV to 300 kV, and it is equipped with cryo-shield, so it can analyze samples at low temperature.
Therefore, in order to analyze organic and organic / inorganic hybrid materials that were previously difficult to analyze due to the damage caused by high energy electron beams on the specimens, suitable acceleration voltages can be used flexibly and the specimens are disturbed by the growth of ice crystals at cryogenic temperatures. It is a transmission electron microscope that can be analyzed without receiving.
Application Area
It is used in various research fields such as chemistry, new materials engineering, polymer science, and steel business