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Advanced Construction Materials Testing Center
Date of Last update : 2019.08.29 Rivision Request Request for use
RI Category
Analytical Facilities
Construction materials,microstructure,community-based facilities,Tensile and fatigue tests,compressive strength tests
- Various construction that combines new materials and high-tech materials development

•Internationally-certified testing center for metal, cement, aggregate, construction and building materials

•Durability tests for extreme environmental circumstances

•Tensile and fatigue tests with composite and steel materials for social infrastructure

•Mixing concrete for roads, structures and asphalt, and specimen preparation, as well as compressive strength tests of high-strength concrete
Application Area
- Performance evaluation and analysis of the various materials used in infrastructure facilities

• Performance evaluation of steel-concrete composite, rock and pavement materials

• Non-destructive tests and microstructure analysis of cutting-edge construction materials

• Assessment of temperature and environmental effect
1. 5MN Large-sized Material Testing Machine

- Capacity : 5MN (Frequency : 3Hz),Column to Column : 3,000mm,Bending Compression test height : 5,000mm,Bending Span : 35,000mm,Actuator Stroke : 500mm

2. 5MN Compression Testing Machine

- Capacity :5MN,Pressureplates : 380×520mm,Actuator stroke : 100mm,Load mesuring range : 100~5,000kN,Piston stroke : 100mm,Deformation at max.load : 1.2mm

3. 500kN Rolling Fatigue Machine

- Capacity : 500kN,Stroke between grips : 950mm,Load Accuracy : 6kN to 600kN,Strain measurement accuracy : ±0.5% of indicated value,Test space : Width Between Columns-762mm,Maximum Vertical Test Space-2,057mm,Overall height : 3,677mm,Positon Transducer stroke : 250mm,Maximum operating Pressure : 21MPa

4. 250kN Rolling Fatigue Machine

- Capacity : 250kN,Chamber : -125℃~+315℃,Test area width : 640mm,Crosshead speed : 0.005~1,000mm/min,Electric Load cell Fmax : 100kN,Test space : Width Between Columns – 635mm,Maximum Vertical Test Space – 1,575mm,Overall height : 3,010mm,Positon Transducer stroke : 150mm,Maximum operating pressure : 21MPa

5. Porosimeter

- Vacuum/Low Pressure Ports : 4ea,High Pressure Ports : 2ea,Pressure upto : 60,000psi,Pore diameter : 0.003~360㎛,Scanning/Stepwise pressure increase mode