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KEPCO Nuclear Fuel
Date of Last update : 2019.08.29 Rivision Request Request for use
RI Category
Materials Synthesis or Testing Facilities
Nuclear, cladding, guide tubes, cold-fill fingering technique, zirconium alloys
- Zirconium alloy tubes for light water reactor manufacturing technology and manufacturing processes,

performance evaluation technology

Zirconium alloy tube manufacturing process for light-water reactors (molding, machining, inspection)

through the operating light water reactors for domestic zirconium alloy tubes 100% of production

and supply

- Developing skills and take advantage of the built facilities based on domestic-based technology to

develop its own nuclear fuel and new alloy development
Application Area
- Domestic water reactor nuclear power plant fuel quantity production of zirconium alloy tubes

- Zirconium alloy cladding, UAE & US export only source of zirconium alloy tubing produced quantity

- Development and utilization of nuclear fuel in its own domestic-based technology to new alloy tube

development, manufacturing process development for commercialization

- Use the guide tubes and instrumentation for Korea Standard Nuclear Fuel pipe manufacture ability to

improve cold-peel technology fingering

- Inconel or titanium-based technology for utilization in manufacturing high precision tubes