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Pohang Light Source - II
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Intense Light Sources
Synchrotron Radiation,Linear Accelerator,Storage Ring,Beamline,PLS-II
- The Pohang Light Source (PLS) at the Pohang Accelerator Laboratory(PAL) is a third-generation light source, the only synchrotron radiation facility in Korea, and the fifth machine of its kind in the world. In 1988, PAL was organized for the construction of the PLS. Ground-breaking was celebrated in 1991, and PLS construction was completed in 1994. In 1995, the PLS opened two beamlines to public users. The PLS was initially operated at 2GeV in 1995. Since 2002, the energy of the electron beam has been increased to 2.5GeV. The Pohang Light Source(PLS) was upgraded as the PLS-II in three years from 2009 to 2011. The electron beam energy was increased from 2.5 GeV to 3 GeV, and the beam current rose from 170 mA to 400 mA. The number of straight sections for the insertion devices increased from 10 to 20.

- Two or three beamlines have been added each year for the past 20 years, and as of 2017 we have in total 34 beamlines in operation and 2 beamlines under construction. Since its opening in 1995, PAL has attracted 38,000 (and growing) individual users from domestic and around the world and produced 12,000 scientific articles in total. For last twenty years, PAL has contributed to remarkable growths not only in quantity but in quality of synchrotron research.
Application Area
- Biotechnology researches on protein atomic structure analysis, understanding biological function and real-time observation

- Materials science and semiconductor researches on analysis of amorphous materials, phase change research, superconducting magnet materials analysis

- Archaeological & chemistry researches on atomic and molecular spectroscopy, kinetic studies of the catalyst material

- Environmental science researches on very small component analysis in biological materials, pollutants in the exhaust gas removal catalyst development

- Industrial applications (micro-scale production and use of gear), medical applications (pharmaceutical design, capillaries and cancer medical diagnosis)
1. Linear Accelerator

- Electron beam energy:3GeV, beam current:300~400mA

2. Storage Ring

- circumference:282m, 3 superconducting rf system

3. Beamline

- 34 beamlines in operation and 2 beamlines under construction