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Chonbuk National University High-entahlpy Plasma Research Center
Date of Last update : 2019.08.29 Rivision Request Request for use
RI Category
Intense Light Sources
Plasma, very high temperature, T1O2, Boron Fiber
- A variety of cutting-edge research areas, as a key research facility(physics, chemistry, materials, thermal engineering, aerodynamics, etc.), high-temperature(high-power, high-density, heat), production and design of plasma generating device operation
* Peripheral and building facilities required by the device operation
* Siting and building facilities required for the center operations
Application Area
-Researches on high-value nanomaterial synthesis such asT1O2, boron fiber and generating renewable energy
-Aerospace sector in the atmosphere reentry aircraft Thermal Protection System (TPS) test
-The core foundation of advanced engine and advanced research areas, development of very high temperature utilized in aerospace materials