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100 MeV, 20 mA Proton Linear Accelerator
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181 Mirae-ro, Geoncheon-eup, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongbuk
Coordinating Country
Hosting Organisations
Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute(KAERI)
RI Category
High Energy Physics Facilities
accelerator,ion beam,proton,neutron,isotopes
- KOMAC(Korea Multi-puropose Accelerator Complex) as a branch institute of KAERI (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute), is a national research facility which operates a 100 MeV high-power proton accelerator and low-energy ion beam facilities to offer an optimum proton beam and various ion beam services, essential in various R&D fields
Application Area
- Researches on nuclear technology, nano technology, biotechnology, information technology, energy and environment technology, space technology, medical applications and basic science

- Development of nano technology, such as ion-cut, thin layer fabrication, nano-particle synthesis, nano-logic device fabrication

- Development of biotechnology in varieties of new genetic resources, radio-biological effects

- Development of information technology in high speed power semiconductor, micro & nano patterning

- Development of energy and environment technology such as renewable green energy resources, biomass preprocessing, micro-organisms for bio-energy

- Development of space technology in radiation hardness test of space devices, space radiation test facility, biological effect study of space radiation

- Development of medical application, such as cancer therapy, medical radioisotopes production & utilization, membrane fabrication technology

- Research on surface modification of metal compounds, functional polymer film fabrication technology, luminescence & anti-UV enhancement technology of automobile interior component, gemstone coloring technology, super-hydrophilic treatment of metal surface, ion beam sputtering deposition technology
1. Proton accelerator

- 20 MeV beamline (TR23)

· Beam energy: 3~20 MeV

· Maximum average beam current: 600 μA

· Maximum irradiation diameter: 30 cm

- 100 MeV beamline (TR103)

· Beam energy: 20~100 MeV

· Maximum average beam current: 300 μA

· Maximum irradiation diameter: 30 cm

2. Gaseous ion beam facility

· Beam energy/current: 200 keV/5 mA (N+ standard)

· Ions: H, He, N, Ne, Ar, Xe, Kr, etc.

· Maximum irradiation area: 10 cm×10 cm

3. Metallic ion beam facility

· Beam energy/current: 150 keV/1 mA (Co+ standard)

· Ions: Co, Cr, Fe, Cu, etc.

· Maximum irradiation area: 10 cm×10 cm

4. 1.7 MV tandem

· Beam energy/current: 3.4 MeV/10 μA (H+ standard)

· Ions: H, He, Cl, etc.

· Application fields: PIXE, RBS, ERD, standard neutron source