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7T Human MRI System
Date of Last update : 2019.09.23 Rivision Request Request for use
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Analytical Facilities
7T,MRI,high field,high resolution,parallel transmission
State-of-the-art Philips MRI scanner equipped with 32-channel brain array and actively-shielded superconducting magnet.

Ultra high field 7 T human MRI system can provide ultra high resolution (~0.2 mm) images, comparable to usual 1.5 T or 3 T MRI system. Many collaborators can join the studies on the brain/body functions and anatomic structures to solve the national agenda.

- Actively shielded compact 7 Tesla superconducting magnet

- Actively shielded gradient and 8 channel transmit and 32 channel receive RF systems

- Ultra-high resolution images and high resolution spectroscopic analysis

- Multi-nuclear (13C, 23Na and 31P) imaging and spectroscopic analysis
Application Area
- Studies on brain structure/brain diseases/brain functions, Diagnosis of diseases

- Studies on various body-parts (eg. abdominal region, spine, knee, foot, etc.)
1. 7 T Human MRI

- Superconducting magnet: Actively shielded, Field strength 7.0 Tesla

- Gradient system: Amplitude 40mT/m (x, y, z, each), max. slew rate 200mT/m/msec

- RF System: 8 transmit channels, 1H amp max. power 16 kW (2 kW x 8), 32 receiver channels
- Various RF coils: 32 channel brain coil, knee coil, wrist coil, 23Na/31P/13C double tuned head coil