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Advanced In Situ Nanosurface Analysis System
Date of Last update : 2019.09.01 Rivision Request Request for use
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Analytical Facilities
In-situ analysis,Nano surface science,Physical property,Ultra High Vacuum (UHV),Low dimensional materials
"The next generation fusion and composition nanoevaluation system is used for the analysis of synthesized basic materials by combining various Nanosurfaces evaluation equipment after producing samples from in-situ by compiling low-dimensional and organic and inorganic Nano component evaluation and processing equipment at ulrta-high vacuous condition.

The purpose of this system is providing the total analytical solution to both academic and industry uses by means of establishing the one-line in situ analytical system which is consisted of high-ends leading 7 analytical instruments and 8 device fabrication systems.

- Nano-material properties of metal / oxide / semi-conductor manufactured in the processing device (component, structure, form, and electronic characteristics) are analyzed without being exposed to air

- Analysis system made on a real time basis with automatic processing devices based on the recipe

- Available to perform the electronic characteristics performance in the low / high temperature as it is possible to manufacture the socket wihtout being exposed to air"
Application Area
"- Development and characterization of the new-forthcoming nanomaterials for the future

- In-situ chemical composition analysis of catalytic materials"
"1. NAP-XPS (Near ambient pressure x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy)

- UHV (10-9 mbar) preparation chamber (LEED, Ar sputter gun, E-beam heater)

- Upper pressure limit = 3 mbar

- Temperature range = 25 - 500 ℃

- Quadrupole mass spectrometer for product analysis in gas-phase reaction

2. LEEM/PEEM (Low energy electron microscopy/photoelectron emission microscopy)

- Lateral resolution: < 10 nm. (PEEM), < 2 nm (LEEM)

- Spot diameter on sample <500 um, sample current ~ 500 nA.

- Temperature range : <1500K

3. ARPES (Angle resolved photoelectron spectroscopy)

- Energy resolution : < 1.8 meV

- Angle resolution : < 0.1 degree

- Acceptance angle : ≃ 30 degree

4. Micro XPS/UPS (X-ray/UV photoelectron spectrometer)

- Energy resolution : < 0.47 eV

- Spatial resolution : < 3μm

- Temperature range : < 900K

5. UHV-STM (Ultra high vacuum scanning tunneling microscopy)

- Base pressure : 10-11 mbar

- Temperature range : 90~400 K

- Stability (z noise) < 1 pm rms

- Spectroscopy modes : dI/dV, dI/dz, dz/dV"