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Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience Magnetic Resonance Imaging Facility (TCIN-MRI)
Date of Last update : 2018.05.04 Rivision Request
Hosting Legal Entity
Trinity College Dublin
Type Of RI
Room 3.05 Lloyd Building, Trinity College Dublin, Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience, Dublin (Ireland), Ireland(52.8651962280273, -7.97945976257324)
Coordinating Country
Mission and objective
TCIN houses Ireland's first research-dedicated MRI facility, with a whole body 3T MRI scanner and a small-bore 7T MRI scanner in routine use. These high field MRI systems are the tools of choice for understanding brain structure and function. Additionally, individual laboratories maintain an array of equipment for conducting molecular and cellular biology and behavioural tests.
RI Keywords
MRI,Magnetic resonance imaging,Imaging,Human disease model,Neuroimaging,Behavioural analysis,Clinical analysis
RI Category
Biomedical Imaging Facilities;Clinical Research Centres
Scientific Domain
Biological and Medical Sciences
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