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Institute of Metals and Technology (IMT)
Date of Last update : 2018.07.04 Rivision Request
Life Cycle Status
Operational since 1950
Mission and objective
Institute of Metals and Technology is a multidisciplinary public research institution, associated with higher education organizations. The main activity of the institute is conducting high-quality research activities in the fields that are of national importance for Slovenia, have a high impact, are in the public interest and are expected to prosper also in the following decades. The main missions of the institute are basic and applied research, developmental and infrastructural activities according to Research and Innovation Strategy of Slovenia.Institute cooperates with similar institutions at home and abroad and is an important player in national, as well as in international scientific research sphere.Institute provides transfer of knowledge to society and industry, provides popularization of science, dissemination of scientific culture and informations for general public.Institute is also focused on scientific research in the fields of environmental protection, monitoring the environmental processes and development of new, clean energies.
RI Keywords
Library,Mechanical testing,Materials,Metallographic analysis,Corrosion,Chemical analysis,Optoelectronics
RI Category
Materials Synthesis or Testing Facilities
Scientific Domain
Chemistry and Material Sciences
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