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The Kings Bay Marine Laboratory (KBML)
Date of Last update : 2017.09.17 Rivision Request
Hosting Legal Entity
Kings Bay AS
Type Of RI
Norwegian Polar Institute, Ny-Ålesund Research Station - Sverdrup, Ny-Ålesund, PO: 9173, Svalbard (Norway), Norway(78.916667, 11.933333)
Coordinating Country
Mission and objective
The Kings Bay Marine Laboratory in Ny-Alesund, owned and managed by Kings Bay AS, is the first common research infrastructure in Ny-Alesund. It was officially opened 1 June 2005.It is the northernmost experimental laboratory for research in marine ecology, physiology, biochemistry, as well as some physical sciences like oceanography, marine geology and ice physics.The laboratory is located right on a beach with easy access to boats. It contains smaller rooms with system-controlled experimental variables like air and seawater temperature. It is also appropriate for experiments under ambient conditions.
RI Keywords
Marine ecology,Marine geology,Oceanography,Marine physiology,Marine biochemistry,Ice physics
RI Category
Environmental Management Infrastructures
Scientific Domain
Earth and Environmental Sciences
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