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Bio-industrial Pilot Plant (CFPP)
Date of Last update : 2017.03.17 Rivision Request
Life Cycle Status
Operational since 2014
Mission and objective
The Core Facility "Bioindustrial Pilot Plant" at the Vienna Institute of BioTechnology (VIBT) serves as education, training and test site for modern biotechnology. The focus is primarily on education and research-driven education with emphasis on industrial biotechnology. The plant is provided with a full set of state of the art up- and downstream processing equipment for small and pilot scale production of recombinant proteins covering bacterial, yeast and mammalian expression systems. Main fields are scale up studies, on-line monitoring of bioprocesses, bioprocess engineering of unit operations. Besides education, the plant can be used for industrial cooperations.
RI Keywords
Microbial fermentation,Mammalian cell culture,Upstream,Downstream,Primary recovery,Secondary recovery,Chromatography,Separation,Homogenization,Filtration,Biopharma
RI Category
Cell Culture Facilities;Pilot Plants for Process Testing
Scientific Domain
Biological and Medical Sciences
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- 5 Bioreactors

microbial fermentation: 40 to 250 Lmammalian cell culture: 80 to 1500 L.

- Chromatography unit

Ä.kta Pilot.

- Separator

separator up to 200 L/h output.

- Ultrafiltration unit

UF for ultra- and microfiltration.

- Homogenizer

homogenizer up to 100 L/h output.


- Training of students, diploma students, PhDs

Scientific programme with training of young researchers.

- Research and collaboration with industrial and academic partners

Research topics in cooperation with industrial and academic partners in up- and downstream processing (especially for up-scale of bio processes).