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AWIPEV Arctic Research Base (AWIPEV)
Date of Last update : 2018.03.07 Rivision Request
Hosting Legal Entity
German Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, French Polar Institute Paul Emile Victor
Type Of RI
PO Box, AWIPEV Base, Ny-Aalesund, PO: 1973, Svalbard (Norway), Norway(78.923333, 11.920833)
Coordinating Country
Life Cycle Status
Operational since 2003
Mission and objective
The German Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research (AWI) and the French Polar Institute Paul Emile Victor (IPEV) operate their research stations in Ny-Ålesund as the joint French-German Arctic Research Base AWIPEV. This base includes station buildings and observatories in Ny-Aalesund, and the French Camp Corbel, 5 km east of Ny-Ålesund. The base is located in the Arctic, Svalbard, Kongsfjorden, Ny-Ålesund. Spitsbergen belongs to one of the northernmost archipelagos in the Arctic. Ny-Ålesund on the west coast is an international center for various modern Arctic research activities. The village is one of the world's northernmost human settlements and is surrounded by glaciers, moraines, rivers, mountains and a typical tundra system.
RI Keywords
Arctic research,Environment
RI Category
Polar and Cryospheric Research Infrastructures;Atmospheric Measurement Facilities;In situ Earth Observatories;In situ Marine/Freshwater Observatories;Solid Earth Observatories, including Seismological Monitoring Stations
Scientific Domain
Earth and Environmental Sciences
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