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Metal Forming Center of Excellence (MFCE)
Date of Last update : 2018.05.04 Rivision Request
Hosting Legal Entity
Atilim University
Type Of RI
Incek - Gölbasi, MFCE - MSMM, Ankara, PO: 06836 (Turkey), Turkey(39.815037, 32.717159)
Coordinating Country
Life Cycle Status
Construction since 2007
Mission and objective
The Metal Forming Center of Excellence (MFCE) was established in 2010, funded by the Turkish Ministry of Development and Atilim University. The Centre aims to support the Turkish and European metal forming industry through research in four main areas. developing innovative, knowledge-based manufacturing technologies. manufacturing high value-added components. manufacturing using new and advanced materials. and, exploring options for energy-efficient manufacturing.The research is conducted in close collaboration with both academia and industry. Since 2010, the Centre has worked on a significant number of national and international, small and medium-sized projects, developing an extensive database of contacts throughout the metal forming community and a considerable experience in disseminating knowledge through organising seminars, workshops and training courses.To support research, a range of facilities are available at the Centre, including metal forming machinery, equipment for forming-related measurement, material and microstructure characterisation as well as software and hardware for numerical analysis.
RI Keywords
Metal forming,Material characterisation,Process simulation & innovation,Pre-production
RI Category
Materials Synthesis or Testing Facilities;Centers for development of industrial mathematics;Mechanical Engineering Facilities
Scientific Domain
Engineering and Energy
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- Hydraulic Press

Hydraulic press, 400 tons, SCHULER, double action


- Process Innovation Design and Optimization

Process innovation design and optimization, metal forming technology, production of prototype tools, pre-production.

- Development of Simulation Tools

Development of simulation tools and numerical process simulation, metal forming theory

- Material Characterisation

Material characterization, numerical process simulation, process innovation/design and optimization, production of prototype tools, pre-production.

- Education and training