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Botanic Garden Meise (BGM)
Date of Last update : 2018.05.09 Rivision Request
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Botanic Garden Meise
Type Of RI
Bouchout Domain, Nieuwelaan 38, Meise, PO: 1860 (Belgium), Belgium
Coordinating Country
Mission and objective
The Botanic Garden Meise (BGM, formerly National Botanic Garden of Belgium) is a centre of excellence for science and horticulture. BGM is responsibe for safeguarding the heritage of the past and for providing a legacy for the future. Not only do we look after beautiful plant collections, but also historic buildings, one of the largest herbaria in the world and a botanical library of international repute.Collections contain a considerable body of information on the diversity of plants and anyone can use the facilities. Students and researchers often visit from Belgium and overseas.European botanic gardens have a long and fascinating history. During their history, they have succeeded in adapting themselves to the needs of society. In other eras, European Botanic Gardens were at the heart of several important economic and sociological developments. They were partly involved in the drive towards the acquisition of colonies and the validation of tropical products such as timber and rubber.Nowadays the mission of botanic gardens is educative, botanical and ecological. They constitute invaluable tool in the management and conservion of biological diversity. Moreover, especially in Europe, botanic gardens are frequently located in historic parks and, as such, they carry huge responsibility of maintaining historic sites.The botanic gardens of the European Union have created a Consortium within 'Botanic Gardens Conservation International' (BGCI), which promotes botanic gardens woldwide.
RI Keywords
Botany,Taxonomy,Digitisation,Systematics,Ecology,Plant conservation,Ex-situ conservation,In-situ conservation
RI Category
Natural History Collections
Scientific Domain
Earth and Environmental Sciences
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- Microscopic equipment

Light microsocpes, binocular microscopes and a scanning electron microscope are available for botanical observations.

- Freezer room

BGM has a large freezer room for decontamination of herbarium specimens.

- Digitalisation equipment

Herbscans are available for digitizing herbarium specimens.


- Botanical collection

BGM houses a rich botanical collection with a total of 4,000,000 specimens with more than 50,000 primary types. Highlights include the von Martius collection from Brazil, the Van Heurck collection mainly from South America and a large collection from Central Africa.

- Scientific library

BGM scientific library is one of the biggest documentary resources of botany in the world. It offers more than 200,000 volumes.

- Seed bank

BGM holds a small but important seed bank. It contains inter alia a collection of wild Phaseoleae - Phaseolinae species. This collection was started in 1965 by G. Le Marchand and R. Maréchal at the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences at Gembloux (Belgium) and transferred to the Garden in 1988. The seed bank also holds seeds of endangered Belgian species, seeds of copper plants form Katanga and seeds from the own living collection.

- Living plan collection

BGM has a rich collection of living plants, both indoors and outdoors. In total almost 18000 different taxa of 3000 different genera are cultivated.

- Molecular systematic facility

The molecular systematic facility provides a dynamic working environment for researchers who aim at applying various DNA markers for molecular systematic research.