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Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ)
Date of Last update : 2019.05.22 Rivision Request
Hosting Legal Entity
Type Of RI
Wandelaarkaai 7 (entrance: warehouse 48), InnovOcean site, Ostend, PO: 8400 (Belgium), Belgium
Coordinating Country
Life Cycle Status
Operational since 1999
Mission and objective
The Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ) promotes accumulation of marine knowledge and excellence in marine research in Flanders. The marine research areas are the ocean and seas, the coast and the tidal systems. The target groups for knowledge accumulation are the marine research community as well as educational institutions, the general public, policymakers and the industry (within the scope of the blue economy).
RI Keywords
Marine,Marine and coastal research,Marine biology,Marine Research,Marine science,Marine Observations,Research vessel,ROV,Oceanographic,Multidisciplinary
RI Category
Biological/Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology/Nanotechnology Research Facilities;Environmental Health Research Facilities;In situ Marine/Freshwater Observatories
Scientific Domain
Earth and Environmental Sciences;Biological and Medical Sciences;Chemistry and Material Sciences;Engineering and Energy
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- Apstein net

- Batcorder

- Beam Trawl

- Bongo net

- CalCoFi plankton net

- Fish acoustic receiver network

- Fish sorting table

- Flow cytometer

- FlowCAM

- Fluorimeter

- Gilson Dredge

- Hamon grab

- hyperbenthic sledge

- MIK-net

- two binocular compound microscopes (Leica DM500 and DM1000)

- two stereomicroscopes (Leica M80 and M205a)

- multi-corer vibrocorer

- Neuston net

- Otter trawl

- plankton pump

- Reineck box corer

- Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Genesis

- Sediment profile imaging (SPI)

- Sensor network for large birds

- Sieving table

- Underway data acquisition system onboard the RV Simon Stevin

- Van Veen grab

- Vertical plankton net - WP2

- Video plankton recorder

- Wilson auto-siever

- zooSCAN

- Aeolian sand transport measuring system

- Cohesive Strength Meter (CSM)

- Multi-transducer sub-bottom echosounder

- Multibeam sonar

- Portable Multibeam Sonar System

- Singlebeam sonar

- HydroFIA alkalinity system


- Automated Infra-Red Inorganic Carbon Analyzer (AIRICA)

- Carrousel with six Niskin bottles

- Go-flo bottle

- Methane sensor

- Niskin bottle

- Scatter and transmission meter LISST-100/200X

- Secchi disc

- Augmented Reality Sandbox

- Book scanner

- Core Repository

- Cryofreezer - 80°C

- Tripode

- Video frame

- Water tanks for marine organisms


- data or assistance with data management

- Scientific Diving Team

VLIZ has a scientific diving team consisting of seven members, supplemented with about five volunteers, all in the possession of the required diving certificates to perform scientific diving operations in the North Sea and the inland waters. The diving team is equipped with modern diving gear and safety equipment.