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Center for Ultrafast Science and Biomedical Optics (CUSBO)
Date of Last update : 2019.08.23 Rivision Request
Hosting Legal Entity
Department of Physics of Politecnico of Milan
Type Of RI
P.zza Leonardo da Vinci 32, Department of Physics, Milan, PO: 20133 (Italy), Italy(42.638427734375, 12.6742973327637)
Coordinating Country
Life Cycle Status
Operational since 2001
Mission and objective
CUSBO provides state of the art laser sources capable of generating extremely short light pulses (few optical cycles) widely tunable from the near-infrared up to the visible-UV in connection with a variety of high resolution measurement techniques for ultrafast spectroscopy. This capability have been recently extended into the soft X-ray region with attosecond pulse generation. CUSBO provides state of the art broad-band instrumentation for optical characterisation of biological tissues, in vitro study of single cells, in vivo pharmaco-kinetics studies and non-invasive functional imaging.
RI Keywords
Laser;Spectroscopy;Nonlinear optics;Short light pulse;High intensity lasers;Attosecond laser science;Laser ultrafast material processing;Photonics;Time-domain spectroscopy;Biomedical optics
RI Category
Intense Light Sources
Scientific Domain
Chemistry and Material Sciences
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