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Date of Last update : 2019.07.05 Rivision Request
Hosting Legal Entity
Magnetic Resonance Center/Interuniversity Consortium of Magnetic Resonance Metalloproteins
Type Of RI
Via Sacconi 6 Sesto Fiorentino, CERM, Florence, PO: 50019 (Italy), Italy(43.821561, 11.193907)
Coordinating Country
Life Cycle Status
Operational since 1994
Mission and objective
The CERM/CIRMMP infrastructure provides a unique environment for research in the field of bio-nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, with an emphasis on structural biology. The Mission of CERM can be summarized in three main points: (i) identification of proteins starting from genome browsing through a bioinformatic approach. (ii) biophysical characterization and structure determination. (iii) design and development of drugs.CERM, Centre for Magnetic Resonance, is a scientific institution for research and higher education at the University of Florence, and a national laboratory of the Interuniversity Consortium for Magnetic Resonance of MetalloProteins CIRMMP. CERM-CIRMMP is a core centre of the ESFRI Instruct-ERIC for integrated structural biology, a node of the We-NMR electronic infrastructure for computational structural biology, and a partner of several EU funded H2020 projects.CERM-CIRMMP provides: national access to NMR instrumentation for private and public research institutions. transnational European access to the NMR Infrastructure which is offered in the frame of the ESFRI Instruct, and through the EC-funded iNEXT project. transnational access to non-European users, managed directly by the CERM-CIRMMP infrastructure.
RI Keywords
NMR;Nuclear magnetic resonance;Metalloproteins;Metalloenzimes;Structural biology;Metabolomics;Information technologies;Drug design
RI Category
Systems Biology/Computational Biology Facilities;Structural Biology Facilities;Analytical Facilities;Bio-informatics Facilities;Genomic, Transcriptomic, Proteomics and Metabolomics Facilities;Distributed Computing Facilities;Collections of Biological Resources (e.g. Microorganisms, Biobanks and Seed Banks)
Scientific Domain
Chemistry and Material Sciences;Biological and Medical Sciences
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