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Binnig and Rohrer Nanotechnology Center (BRNC)
Date of Last update : 2019.06.19 Rivision Request
Hosting Legal Entity
IBM Zurich Research Laboratories, ETH Zurich
Type Of RI
Säumerstrasse 4, Campus of IBM Research - Zurich, Rüschlikon, PO: 8803 (Switzerland), Switzerland
Coordinating Country
Life Cycle Status
Operational since 2011
Mission and objective
Research at the nanometer scale—one nanometer is the length of four gold atoms and 80,000 times smaller than the average width of a human hair—requires fabrication and characterization of nanoscale structures, whose level of accuracy is also at the nanometer or sub-nanometer scale.The Binnig and Rohrer Nanotechnology Center provides a cutting-edge, collaborative infrastructure designed specifically for advancing nanoscience. It hosts 950 m2 of cleanroom space, which is jointly operated with ETH Zurich, as well as offices and dry labs.Additionally, six noise-free labs designed by IBM provide a new level of accuracy for fabricating and characterizating at the true 1-nanometer level and beyond, thereby potentially extending the scale on which scientists are able to measure and experiment even further.
RI Keywords
Clean-room;Quantum computing;AI technologies for healthcare;Neuromorphic computing;Blockchain for the enterprise;Carbon electronics;Photonics;Micro-nanoelectronics & spintronics;Functional materials;MEMS;NEMS;Organic electronics;Nanowires;Noise-free Labs
RI Category
Micro- and Nanotechnology facilities;Materials Synthesis or Testing Facilities;Safety Handling facilities
Scientific Domain
Chemistry and Material Sciences
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