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WOLF, World of Large Facilities

What is WOLF ?

WOLF (World of Large Facilities) is a web-portal run by NFEC (National Facilities and Equipment Center, Korea) that provides information on the large research facilities in the world (including those in Korea). The WOLF is designed to make any researchers easily access to relevant large facilities over the world.

Please note that the information provided here does not include the whole details of each large research facility. The WOLF database will be continually updated. We hope the WOLF website helps the large research facilities in the world be more effectively and actively used for international collaborations.


Information on research facilities in Korea is provided with the latest information by entering them by researchers who directly operate and manage research facilities and periodically modifying them. The information is quality-checked by the NFEC. For vitalizing International Collaboration Research and analysis support, LARGE FACILITIES IN KOREA include large facilities data that are available for use. If you want to use the facilities, please submit a request form in the facility page.


Information on WORLDWIDE FACILITIES INFORMATION is not only collected by Korea itself but also by linking information between the MERIL portal and WOLF. The MERIL (Mapping of the European Research Infrastructure Landscape) portal provides access to a database that stores information about openly accessible research infrastructures (RIs) in Europe, across all scientific domains, including the social sciences and humanities.


· Type of Research Infrastructures(RI) Single-sited: the RI has one main physical location for users Distributed: the RI has multiple physical locations but a unified management structure and a single coordination centre Mobile: the RI is changing its physical location on a regular basis (e.g., satellites, research vessels) Virtual: the RI is exclusively an electronic resource/service

· Scientific domian Scientific domain(s) covered by the RI

· RI category MERIL-defined category(ies) of Ris

About NFEC

The WOLF is run by a non-profit government organization, NFEC (National Facilities and Equipment Center), Korea. Recently, the investment in research facilities and equipment and the effective distribution of resources are becoming more important for the sake of advancement in science.

NFEC is exclusively in charge of managing the research facilities and equipment of Korea, particularly for those installed with national R&D funds. NFEC identifies the needs for national research facilities and equipment and, based on domestic/global development in science, puts best efforts for maximizing the R&D productivity. This includes establishing and revising the relevant regulations, preparing roadmap for the national large research facilities, assigning funds and promoting the co-utilization of research facilities and equipment.