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The Trend of Korean Research Equipment on the Biggest Social Issues - (4)Bio
writer :WOLFwriter’s organization : National Research Facilities & Equipment Centerwrite date : 2018.08.27
country : KoreaFacility Name :

By developing advanced research equipment and researches, it is possible to contribute to national economic growth through the expansion of the research field, the advancement of existing industries and the creation of new industries.

In Korea, a separate organization called NFEC has been established and operated based on the law "Framework Act on Science and Technology" in order to improve the overall management and utilization of advanced research facility equipment constructed as a national R&D project.

NFEC basically has implemented a policy for research facility equipment, and has operates the online system called "ZEUS" to register and manage research facility equipment that has cost more than 30 million USD to the national R&D project in accordance with the law.

In this paper, we look into the trend of domestic research equipment on the basis of the domestically and internationally biggest social issues are The 4th industrial revolution, energy and resources, disaster and safety, bio, and environmental pollution sector.

Kim Woohyun and Lee EunJu, "Analaysis on the Establishment status of the National Research Facility & Equipment in Korea: Utilizing the ZEUS Online System", International Journal of Arts and Sciences, 2018.