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ZEUS (Zone for Equipment Utilization Service)
writer :WOLFwriter’s organization : National Research Facilities & Equipment Centerwrite date : 2018.10.08
country : KoreaFacility Name :


ZEUS is a cloud-based intelligent system for viewing information and making reservations on research facilities and equipment available across Korea, which was made possible by the active participation of research organizations nationwide. The online portal provides a wide range of important and useful information and services on research resources, including intermediation, so that researchers can easily view information on the research resources they need and make reservations by themselves.


ZEUS provides diverse features and functions that enable administrators to upload, manage, and gather detailed information on research facilities and equipment in an efficient manner. Moreover, it also provides models, complete with statistics, of different types of facility and equipment construction and equipment.


ZEUS also provides the ZEUS market, an online feature that allows researchers to upload postings on the research facilities and equipment they no longer need so that those resources can efficiently be transferred elsewhere to those in need.


ZEUS consultation is another important feature through which research facility and equipment experts answer researchers’ questions about the operation, use, and disposal of research facilities and equipment and help researchers solve various difficulties.


ZEUS provides 11 features in total on researcher education, survey, statistics and helping researchers with useful information and services.