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Opening of Korea-EU research facility DB sharing platform 'WOLF'
writer :WOLFwriter’s organization : National Research Facilities & Equipment Centerwrite date : 2019.09.30
country : KoreaFacility Name :


Last August, the Korea Basic Science Institute (hereafter as KBSI) and the National research Facilities & Equipment Center (NFEC) signed a business agreement with the European Science Foundation (hereafter as ESF) to exchange information through MERIL. Through numerous working-level meetings, they established a linkage system called MERIL(EU Research Facility Information Platform).


Based on this, KBSI-NFEC recently opened WOLF by completing an information exchange agreement with MERIL on Monday, September 30.


The domestic and EU research facilities listed in the newly opened WOLF will provide basic information such as the operating institutions, installation places and websites of the research facilities, and information that the researcher can utilize for many purposes such as research fields and facility performances.


It is also possible to compare the domestic and EU research facilities that belong to the same research field. Through this, it became easier to search and utilize the foreign cases necessary for benchmarking when domestic and overseas researchers conduct researches and when domestic research facilities are newly constructed and upgraded.


We hope that WOLF's research facility information will be used as base data for researchers as a platform for active international joint researches and exchange of manpower by utilizing outstanding domestic and international research facilities. Moreover, we hope that this will become an information platform that can be utilized by many researchers in the future when they establish a consortium between research fields or apply for international joint research projects based on domestic and overseas research facility information.