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Hosting the Seoul Workshop of the Korea-OECD Science & Technology Research Infrastructure Policy Development
writer :WOLFwriter’s organization : National Research Facilities & Equipment Centerwrite date : 2019.12.04
country : KoreaFacility Name :


The Ministry of Science and ICT hosted the “Seoul Workshop of OECD Research Facility Policy” from November 28th (Thu) to the 29th (Fri) in collaboration with the Organization for Economic Development Cooperation (hereinafter as OECD) to develop a systematic management and utilization policy for science and technology research facilities.


  In recent years, the utilization of advanced research facilities* in research and development of science and technology has played a crucial role in generating performance, and it is also having a tremendous economic and social impact.

* Facility: Research space that supports R&D activities by combining or integrating multiple types of research equipment

   Equipment: The smallest unit that performs an independent R&D function (an electron microscope, a mass spectrometer, etc.)


  Therefore, leading countries in science and technology are pursuing research facility policies such as investment strategy establishment, state-led comprehensive management, promotion of joint utilization, and operational support in order to induce the systematic construction and utilization of research facilities.


  The OECD has proposed various policy models by researching and studying the activation of large-scale international research facilities and measuring efficiency, centered on the Global Science Forum.


  In particular, starting from this year, the OECD has been conducting “A Study on the Policy of Management and Utilization of National Research Facilities”, which involves experts from 13 countries, including NFEC* of Korea, and the Seoul Workshop is held to introduce Korea's research facility policies and to strengthen the policy cooperation of research facilities in Korea and the OECD.

* National Research Facilities & Equipment Center



  More than 70 experts including research facility policy managers from OECD countries, international organizations, and relevant domestic and overseas organizations participated in the discussions centering on the cases of country-specific operations of the medium-and-large scale research facilities, as well as the research facility management systems.


  We hope that the Seoul Workshop has been an opportunity to introduce Korea's advanced research facilities and equipment policies to the international community and to expand the policy cooperation network to strengthen the international cooperative capacity in the field of research facilities. Moreover, we plan to continuously cooperate with the OECD to prepare an international standardization model for research facility management, which the OECD plans to implement beginning in 2022.