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OECD GSF National RI Expert Group Meeting
writer :WOLFwriter’s organization : National Research Facilities & Equipment Centerwrite date : 2020.02.05
country : KoreaFacility Name :

  On January 21, the final expert group meeting of the *GSF of OECD-CSTP was held at the OECD headquarters for the purpose of preparing policy recommendations for the “Optimization of Operating and Management Efficiency of Research Infrastructure at the National Level,”a research project that is currently underway.


*GSF of OECD-CSTP Global Science Forum of Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development - Committee for Science and Technology Policy      


  34 experts from 9 OECD member countries (3 international organizations) are participating in the working group, including Dr. Yongjoo Kim from the National Research Facilities & Equipment Center (NFEC) from Korea.


  The recent meeting was organized for a final review of the policy recommendation report on research infrastructure. The results of analysis of two surveys -a survey carried out with funding institutions and policymakers from 10 countries (incl. Korea) for research infrastructure policy establishment at the national level, and a survey concerning the operating method of 58 core research infrastructures in each country (19 in Korea)- were presented to examine the cases and share opinions.


  Isabel Bolliger from the Swiss National Science Foundation, who served as the data analyst of the expert group, James Morris, a researcher from Science Europe, and Peter Fletcher, a member of the Science and Technology Facilities Council and a consultant to the OECD GSF, presented the survey analysis results and final recommendations.


  Dr. Yongjoo Kim from the NFEC attended the expert group meeting in order to perform a final review of the matters included in the OECD National Research Facility Operation and Utilization Optimization Policy Report (TBC in April 2020), define the target facilities for creating a roadmap for Korea, compose a registration number issuance and management system for research facilities, and share policy implementation cases such as operating expenses utilization policy.


  The experts in attendance stated that the diverse opinions voiced at the OECD Research Facility Policy Seoul Workshop held last November provided significant help in preparing the policy recommendations. It was also decided that the final recommendations would be prepared based on the matters derived at the meeting.


  An initial draft of a standard guideline for research infrastructure portfolio management for each country was also presented at the meeting, with plans to reflect the best cases from each country in the recommendations.


  The research infrastructure policy recommendations report, which will be prepared based on the matters discussed at the meeting, is set to be presented at the 42nd OECD General Assembly scheduled to be held this April.