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What is the WOLF?
writer :WOLFwriter’s organization : National Research Facilities & Equipment Centerwrite date : 2018.07.30
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The WOLF is a web portal, all available in English, that provides researchers with information and access to major research facilities and equipment worldwide. Today, the WOLF provides listings on 1,185 large facilities and equipment across 58 countries around the world, divided by region and country complete with descriptions and contact information. Information is about latest publication, contact points, and application area, etc. of large-scale research facilities worldwide.

The WOLF also provides map-type search result displays and diverse photographs of the facilities featured to support intuitive user experience. The WOLF, moreover, will provide intermediary services on research facilities available in Korea and globally so that researchers, whether Korean or otherwise, can make effective use of the Web site.

The Wolf is managed by NFEC(National Facilities and Equipment Center, Republic of Korea).