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Geotechnical Centrifuge Testing Center
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Korea Advancece Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)
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RI Category
Civil Engineering Research Infrastructures
RI Keywords
Geotechnical structures,Dynamics,Physical modeling,Disaster,Earthquake simulation
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- Ensure the model testing facilities by performance evaluation of a large geotechnical structures, design verification, development of new technologies - Building construction engineering test facilities which are lacking in domestic distributed throughout the country and Korean researchers can enjoy the jointly research foundation that can be used to share data by connecting the high-speed communication network - Promote the domestic construction technology by activating the model demonstration
Application Area
- Dams, embankments, foundations, slope and large scale model testing of geotechnical structures - Evaluation of the earthquake disaster simulation testing various infrastructure using a centrifuge shaking table test - Related college majors through the scale model testing and training of graduate students - Geotechnical structures design validation, epidemiological studies on disasters
1. Geotechnical Centrifuge - Platform radius: 5.0 m, Max. capacity: 240 g-tons, Max. acceleration: 130 g with 1,300 kg payload 2. Shaking table - Shaking type: Electro-hydraulic servo type,Max. model payload: 700 kg,Max. shaking acceleration: 20 g for full payload,Experimental frequency range: 40 to 300 Hz 3. Four Degree-of-Freedom In-Flight Robot - Stroke: 0.8 m(X), 0.6 m (Y), 0.5 m(Z), 175°(),Max. speed: 50 mm/s(X, Y, Z), 5°/s() 4. Data Acquisition System - Total of 192 channels for accelerometers, strain gages, LVDTs, Earth pressure, Pore pressure, etc.

Equipment Component

Equipment Component

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Geotechnical centrifuge testing equipment C72-2 | Actidyn
ICP Accelerometer 353B series | Aa Electric
Speed chiller APC-21 | 삼정이엔씨


W16 291 Daehak-ro Yuseong-gu, Daejeon 34141, Republic of Korea


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