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Carbon Fiber Production System
Facility name
Hosting Legal Entity
Jeonju Institute of Machinery and Carbon Composites (JMC)
RI Category
Pilot Plants for Process Testing
RI Keywords
Carbon fiber, carbon materials, ultra-light, green composite
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  3. Technology
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- Core technology development and localization of complete carbon fiber production technology - Machinery, automotive and promotion of new and renewable energy industries and high value-added and technology intensive industry creation - Positioning of increasing carbon industrial parts and materials innovation cluster
Application Area
- High-performance carbon-based materials, lightweight green composite development, technology acquisition and application of carbon source material product development, commercialization, expansion of the composite material parts and materials using carbon fiber - Aerospace, defense, sports and leisure industry and construction, widely utilized and public works of repair, reinforcement materials

Equipment Component

Equipment Component

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Name Model
carbon fiber product system 모델명 없음 | 도원디테크
Heat treatment furnace 제작 장비 | 현우정밀
CATIA CATIA V5 | Dassault Systemes
Magnesium Die-casting Machine 모델명 없음 | Buehler
Ultrasonic thickness gauge wt-610 | Worltech
Nano-Tube of Chemical Vapor Deposition 제작 | 아텍시스템
Specimen Analysis System SJ-SM-2000A | 석진산업
tensile strength tester AH | Instron Corporation
CNC Automatic Lathe with Hybrid Control Unit ECAS-32T | Star Micronics
Closed Cycle Spray-Dryer SD-4.0-N-CC | 아인시스템
compressed air supply 30HP | 크린에어
Nano-Tube of maturation&hot press 제작 | Anritsu
Auto Clave System SAC-100 | 에스에프에이
vaccum heat treatment furnace 모델명 없음 | 월드진공
C-Analysis WC-600C | Leco
chemical vapor infiltration 모델명 없음 | 와이에스썸텍
crane 모델명 없음 | (주)미노공영
Attritor G/M 150 | 광명엔지니어링
Changing electricity system 모델명 없음 | 한국전기공업협동조합
machining center KV75DM | 현대위아㈜
nondestructive testing 모델명 없음 | 나우기연
Coercive force Tester SJ-CM-2000 | APS Dynamics
High temp Heat treatment furnace 모델명 없음 | 와이에스썸텍
Network system Sub Gate | (주)미지정보기술
Mg mold controller D750 | Regloplas
air conditioner LG Whisen | LG전자
CHILLER 제작 | 광명엔지니어링
Bump Stopper 모델명 없음 | 에스온
Casting Robot System) 0811 | Abb
Mg melting and doging system MDF 500 | Meltec
CVD CNT Composition System semes 7000 | 세메스
CIP,Cold Isostatic Press KVTDIP-100 | 코리아바큠테크㈜
ARC CNT Composition System ArcPilot-200 | 아텍시스템
Hybrid braiding machine 모델명 없음 | Spiraltex
Air compressor 모델명없음 | 한신기계공업
Heat treat furnace cooling system PIL4001B/PSC4001B | 썬이앤씨
Spreading tow weaving machine 모델명 없음 | harmoni
Heat treatment kiln for CFRP manufacturing and recycling ThermVacVF | (주)썸백
Multi tow spreading machine 모델명 없음 | harmoni
Multi meter M300 | 거성티에스엠
Cooling water system DSM300RT | (주)귀뚜라미범양냉방
3D dynamic waterjet cutting system for CFRP T500-4020 | 티오피에스
Thermoplastic, Thermoset Preprag Machine 1Step process | EHA Composite Machinery GmbH
Wet laid paper machine 921L | Pill
Thermoforming system of CFRP with multi function 모델명 없음 | 히타엔지니어링
Automated Fiber Placement machine 모델명 없음 | CORIOLIS COMPOSITES
Vacuum microwave kiln for fast CFRP curing VHM180/200 | Votsch
Integral part of high-strength carbon-forming system TA-F104-1200 | 대원이엔지
High precision compression molding press with high temperature DCE-U 1250/1050A-S | Dieffenbacher
Multi axial carbon fabric weaving machine 모델명 없음 | Karl Mayer
Carbon fiber preform(tape) manufacturing system 모델명 없음 | Scamex
Integral part of high-strength carbon-forming system DURAPUI 2410 | Martin Pultrusion
Winding machine of carbon fiber 모델명 없음 | Roth
High pressure resin transfer molding system 모델명 없음 | Krauss Maffei
LIFT HKM-2T-ELE-001 | 한국기계산업
Machining center for high strength composite parts reinforced carbon fiber ULTRASONIC 65 eVo linear | Dmg Mori Seiki


Jeonbuk, Korea


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