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SPTRC(Semiconductor Process Technology Research Center)
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Chonbuk National University
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Materials Synthesis or Testing Facilities
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Semiconductor research, a part of the industry-based technology development project of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy, to secure international infrastructure for the development of nano-level devices for integrated optical and electronic devices, integrated circuit fabrication and analysis, and research by securing a process infrastructure that can be utilized by universities and industries. It was built with the support of infrastructure innovation and Jeollabuk-do.
Application Area
-Activation of industry-academic cooperation program -Professional process training for industrial companies and expansion of educational research facilities -Discharge semiconductor process manpower and compound semiconductor core manpower -Promotion of semiconductor-related industrial development in the region

Equipment Component

Equipment Component

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Name Model
Wire Bonder 4500 Series | Kulicke & Soffa
Furnace for annealing 모델명 없음 | 실트론
Rapid Thermal Processing System RTP 600 | 에이피시스템
Metal Sputter ALPS CS series | (주)알파플러스
House Gas Purifier H2 Purifier | 아론
Lingt Tools LightTools | Optical Research Associates(ORA)
Tuner Set Tuner Set | Agilent Technologies
RLC Tester 4287A | Agilent Technologies
ICP/RIE for fluorine T306-014 | 소로나
Spectrum Analyzer E8257D | Agilent Technologies
Smart EBIC System Gatan(FE-SEM Accessories) | Gatan
RF Sputtering System ATC 1300 | Aja International
Probe Station Probe Station | ㈜테스
Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope S-4300 SE | Hitachi
Step Height Measurement Alpha-Step IQ | Kla-tencor
Wet Station Wet Station | 신영테크
Toxic Gas Monitoring System Toxic Gas Monitoring System | 아론
Optical Microscope Eclipse LV 150 | Nikon
Wafer Scriber TEC-2004TM | Tecdia
Wafer Track Smark Cube-II | 티에스티아이
MOCVD CS14416 | Aixtron
ICP/RIE for Chlorine HiEtch | Bmr Technology
BER Tester 모델명 없음 | Anritsu
E-Beam Evaporator KVE-E2000 | 코리아바큠테크㈜
Lapping/Polishing Lapping And Polishing Machine | 아론
Two chamber PECVD HiDep | Bmr Technology
RT-CVD 모델명 없음 | 예스티
Ellipsometer SE MG-1000 | (주)나노-뷰
Sawing Machine Sewing Machines | 아론
LED Measurement Set OL770 UV/VIS | Optronic Laboratories
Thermal Evaporator Thermal Evaporator | 우성하이백
Die bonder 모델명 없음 | 아이엠에스나노텍
Burn in Test 1164 | Aetrium
Low Pressure Plasma System LPPS | Plasma Finish
Hall effect measurement system 7604 | Lake Shore Cryotronics
Time Resolved Photoluminescence Time Resolved PL | Hamamatsu Photonics
Silvaco Silvaco | Silvaco
Mask Aligner MA6 | Suss Microtec
Optical Microscope INM 100 | Leica
Digital Oscilloscope DSA8200 | Tektronix
LD Tester LD Tester | 일렉스
Network/Parameter Analyzer 8753ES | Agilent Technologies
Probe Station Probe Station | Cascade Microtech
Spin Dryer Spin Rince Dryer | Verteq
Electrochemical CV Profiler PN4300PC | Accent Optical Technologies
UPS UPS | 태영전기


Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do, Korea


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  • Hall 장비.JPG
  • Time Resolve PL.JPG
  • 20160901130110_20071012000000011987 NFEC-2007-10-009859.jpg
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  • 20160901140134_20071012000000009085 NFEC-2007-10-008082.jpg
  • 20160901140138_20071012000000009056 NFEC-2007-10-008053.jpg
  • 20160901110100_20071012000000009060 NFEC-2007-10-008057.jpg
  • 20160901110105_20071012000000013389 NFEC-2007-10-018193.jpg
  • 20160901120106_20071012000000009064 NFEC-2007-10-008061.jpg