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KEPCO Nuclear Fuel
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KEPCO Nuclear Fuel Company
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Materials Synthesis or Testing Facilities
RI Keywords
Nuclear, cladding, guide tubes, cold-fill fingering technique, zirconium alloys
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- Zirconium alloy tubes for light water reactor manufacturing technology and manufacturing processes, performance evaluation technology Zirconium alloy tube manufacturing process for light-water reactors (molding, machining, inspection) through the operating light water reactors for domestic zirconium alloy tubes 100% of production and supply - Developing skills and take advantage of the built facilities based on domestic-based technology to develop its own nuclear fuel and new alloy development
Application Area
- Domestic water reactor nuclear power plant fuel quantity production of zirconium alloy tubes - Zirconium alloy cladding, UAE & US export only source of zirconium alloy tubing produced quantity - Development and utilization of nuclear fuel in its own domestic-based technology to new alloy tube development, manufacturing process development for commercialization - Use the guide tubes and instrumentation for Korea Standard Nuclear Fuel pipe manufacture ability to improve cold-peel technology fingering - Inconel or titanium-based technology for utilization in manufacturing high precision tubes

Equipment Component

Equipment Component

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Name Model
Swager 434-9994 | Torrington사
W type Ultrasonic Tester High Speed Fuel 모델명 없음 | Wec사
KPW 50 LC Pilger Machine KPW 50 LC | Sms Meer
Finishing Cell 모델명 없음 | Wec사
Vacuum Furnace-Cold Wall 2420384-900-01 | Centorr Vacuum Industries
Vacuum Furnace-Double Ended Hot Wall 010-3411-1214 | Centorr Vacuum Industries
920 Straightener 920 Straightener | Wec사
Thimble Tube Flow Hole EDM Machine 모델명 없음 | Wec사
OD Polisher ACME910-3 | Wec사
Cut-Off Machine 모델명 없음 | Wec사
KPW 25 LC Pilger Machine KPW 25LC | Sms Meer
914 Straightener 914.5Straightener | Wec사


Daejeon, Korea


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  • 20.초음파시험기.jpg
  • 2.필거장비(50LC).JPG
  • 3.피복관외면연마기외면세척4.JPG
  • 2.콜드월열처리로5.JPG
  • 진공고온열처리로1.jpg
  • 920직진기.jpg
  • 3.유로구멍가공작업2.JPG
  • 3.피복관외면연마기외면연마4.JPG
  • 3.양단가공기2.JPG
  • 2.필거장비(25LC).JPG
  • 914직진기.jpg