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Chonbuk National University High-entahlpy Plasma Research Center
Facility name
Hosting Legal Entity
Chonbuk National University
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RI Category
Intense Light Sources
RI Keywords
Plasma, very high temperature, T1O2, Boron Fiber
  1. Basic Technology
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  2. Research to Prove
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  3. Technology
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  4. System/Subsystem
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- A variety of cutting-edge research areas, as a key research facility(physics, chemistry, materials, thermal engineering, aerodynamics, etc.), high-temperature(high-power, high-density, heat), production and design of plasma generating device operation * Peripheral and building facilities required by the device operation * Siting and building facilities required for the center operations
Application Area
-Researches on high-value nanomaterial synthesis such asT1O2, boron fiber and generating renewable energy -Aerospace sector in the atmosphere reentry aircraft Thermal Protection System (TPS) test -The core foundation of advanced engine and advanced research areas, development of very high temperature utilized in aerospace materials

Equipment Component

Equipment Component

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Name Model
Optical Microscope Eclipse LV100POL/Eclipse MA100 | Nikon
Parallel computer 모델명 없음 | 주식회사 클루닉스
ANSYS academic research ANSYS Release 13.0 | Ansys
0.4MW Enhanced Huels Type Plasma System 모델명 없음 | Tekna
Utility 모델명 없음 | 한화
200kW RF(ICP) Type Plasma System 모델명 없음 | Tekna
Cold Isostatic Press for test sample Manufacturing ISA-CIP-L-150-350 | 오토테크
High Temperature Universal Testing Machine 5982 | Instron Corporation
2.4MW Class Enhanced Huels Type Plasma System 모델명 없음 | 다원시스
Non contact 3D surface Measurement System IFM G4 | Alicona
Multi purpose 60 kW RF(ICP) Type plasma System 모델명 없음 | 플라즈닉스
Simultanous Thermal Analyzer STA 8000 | Perkin Elmer
Hall effect measurement system HMS-5000 | 에코피아
Laser Thomson scattering system 모델명 없음 | 동우옵트론
Spectroscopic system SP2500 | Acton Research Corporation
FT-IR Spectrometer Nicolet iS50 | Thermo Scientific
Vacuum Plasma Spray System 모델명 없음 | Oerlikon Metco
X-ray Fluorenscence Spectrometer ZSX Primus II | Rigaku
Closed Cycle Spray Dryer CSD 4E-1124 | 삼영지이티
Impedance analyzer Iviumstat basic | Ivium Technologies
Micro vickers Hardness tester HM-220A | Mitutoyo
Automatic Grinding/Polishing Machine Tegramin-20 | Struers
X-ray Diffractometer D8 ADVANCE | Bruker
Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope su8030 | Hitachi
High Velocity Oxygen Fuel System HYBRID DIAMOND JET DJ2600M NON-CE | Oerlikon Metco


Jeonbuk, Korea


  • 사진 현미경-MA100(고온).jpg
  • 20120330193417.jpg
  • 사진-ANSYS(고온).jpg
  • 0.4MW.jpg
  • 공통지원설비.JPG
  • 200kW.jpg
  • 냉간정수압프레스[1].JPG
  • 만능재료시험기.jpg
  • 2.4MW.jpg
  • 3D측정기.jpg
  • 60kW.jpg
  • 동시열분석기.jpg
  • 홀효과측정장치.jpg
  • 레이저톰슨시스템.jpg
  • 분광계[1].jpg
  • 적외선분광기.jpg
  • VPS.jpg
  • X선 형광분석기(XRF).jpg
  • 분무건조기.jpg
  • 임피던스분석기.jpg
  • 마이크로비커스경도계.jpg
  • 자동연삭및연마기[1].jpg
  • 20161007100713_20130515000000163273 NFEC-2013-05-178871.jpg
  • 20161007100757_20141201000000183038 NFEC-2014-12-193770.jpg
  • 고속화염 용사장비.jpg