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Department of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry(Gyeongnam)
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Korea Institute of Toxicology (KIT)
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RI Category
Environmental Health Research Facilities
RI Keywords
Nanoparticle, Fractionation Flow, Acid Treatment, Trace Metals, Washing
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- Perform the environment and human health toxicity of various chemicals at home and abroad to develop the international level
(pan-national GLP and toxicity screening)
- Require environmental toxicity and toxicity screening test method (evaluation technology) research and development
- Toxic to the environment and human health of various natural materials and chemicals, including pesticides through the
development of technical (safety) specializes in the assessment work
Application Area
- The physical and chemical properties of the nanoparticles according to different environmental conditions based on information
available to predict the fate of nanomaterials in the environment by devising
The size of the dispersed particles and the particle size distribution analysis, the diffusion coefficient of the particles and the zeta
potential measurements, the absolute molecular weight of the polymer
Polymer Molecules Food-Agro-Cosmetics Pharm & Biotechnology Environmental and Toxicology of Science of the measurement
of molecular weight and size of the field Nanoplastic
- Using minerals such as enzyme protein lipids in the blood liver function tests through quantitative methods, lipid metabolism
tests, etc.
Using the blood biochemical tests in the various toxicity and inhalation toxicity tests carried out for the safety assessment of
chemicals, pesticides and pharmaceuticals
Inspection items: TP BUN Crea GLU T-BIL T-CHO GOT GPT ALP LDH GGT IP UA ALB Mg Ca CPK TG Na K Cl, etc.)

Equipment Component

Equipment Component

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Name Model
Tandem mass spectrometer 300-MS | Varian
Gas chromatography CP-3800 | Varian
Liquid Scintillation Analyzer Tri-Carb 2900TR | Perkin Elmer
Inductively Coupled Plasma-Optical Emission Spectrometer Optima 7000 DV | Perkin Elmer
Total Organic Carbon Analyzer TOC-V CPH | Shimadzu
Nano particle size analyzer with zeta potential Zetasizer Nano ZS90 | Malvern Instruments
Water Purification System (for fish culturing) 주문제작 모델명 없음 | 로디스
Sample oxidizer Sample Oxidizer Model 307 | Perkin Elmer
Automated Electrophoresis for Microarray 2100 | Agilent Technologies
Multi-mode microplate reader Synergy H1 | Biotek
Gaschromatography 7890A | Agilent Technologies
HPLC 1260 | Agilent Technologies
Confocal microscopy A1R | Nikon
High resolution digital microscope DM4000 | Leica
ICP-MS NexION 300X | Perkin Elmer
Microscope DM 4000B | Leica
LC/MS/MS 6460 | Agilent Technologies
Fish Culturing System 모델명 없음 | 21세기 하이테크
Gaschromatography 7890A | Agilent Technologies
HPLC 1260 | Agilent Technologies
Hematology Analyzer ADVIA 2120i | Siemens
Automated Sample Solid Phase Extraction Workstation RapidTrace+ | Biotage
Automatic Chemistry Analzer 7180 | Hitachi
Acelerated solvent extraction ASE 350 | Thermo Scientific
Continuous flow-through system for toxicity test 모델명 없음 | 와이엠알티씨
Automatic Microinjection System InjectMan NI 2 | Eppendorf
Ultra Lotemp Bath 780 | FLUKE
UV-Vis spectrophotometer Cary 300 UV-Vis | Agilent Technologies
Validation System NanoVACQ | Tmi-orion
Microwave Digestion System Multiwave 3000 | Anton Paar
Microarray Scanner SureScan Microarray Scanner System | Agilent Technologies
Pure Water System(R/O water for aninmal) Rodis-PU-10D-UV-F | Rodis
Evaporation System R210 | Buchi
Automated coagulation analyzer ACL Elite Pro | Instrumentation Laboratory
Water Purrification System for fish Rodis-FC-MF-2T-6F | Rodis
Cleaning Processor CP1200 | 에이에스피
HPLC 1260 | Agilent Technologies
High-resolution hybridization system G2545A | Biometra
LC/MS/MS Accyrate MAss Q-TOF LC/MS system | Agilent Technologies
Shuttle Box System TMP-REG system | Loliggo System
Ion chromatography 모델명 없음 | Thermo Scientific
Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) ALL IGBT 60KVA | 대한전력전자
GC System 7890A | Agilent Technologies
HPLC 1200 | Agilent Technologies
RI Waste System 모델명 없음 | 엔바이로코리아
Gas Swith Over System (LAB) 모델명 없음 | 코리아테크
HPLC 1260 | Agilent Technologies
Liquid scintillation counter Tri-Carb2910TR | Perkin Elmer
Zebrafish larvae activity monitoring system Ethovision | Noldus
Dispersion stability analyzer Turbiscan LAb Expert | Formulaction
Scanning Electron Microscope & EDS SNE-4000M | 쎄크(Sec)
Microscope M205 C | Leica
Microscope DM 4000B | Leica
Ion Chromatography 883 Basic IC Plus | Metrohm
Ultrasonicator UH-600S | SMT CO.,LTD.
Ultrasonicator UH-600S | SMT CO.,LTD.
Micro Ultracentrifuge CS150NX | Hitachi
Continuous flow-through system for toxicity test 모델명 없음 | 와이엠알티씨
Continuous flow-through system for toxicity test 모델명 없음 | 와이엠알티씨
Continuous flow-through system for toxicity test 모델명 없음 | 와이엠알티씨
Automatic Glassware Cleanner LAB610 | Steelco
Large capacity centrifuge CR7 | Himac
Continuous flow-througth toxicity testing system Continuous flow-througth toxicity testing system | 영흥산업
gas chromatograph Clarus 600 | Perkin Elmer
Microscope M205 C | Leica
Counting Analyzer Multisizer 4 | Beckman Coulter
Chemi image documentation system ChemiDoc™ Touch System | Bio-rad
Gas chromatography and headspace sampler 7890 GC 7697 HS | Agilent Technologies
Field Flow Fraction(FFF) AF2000 Flow FFF | Postnova
Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) Zetasizer Nano ZS90 | Malvern Instruments
Microscope & Camera System Eclipse Ni-u | Nikon
Automatic Glassware Cleanner LAB610 | Steelco
Suntest SUNTEST XLS+ | Atlas
HPLC 1200 | Agilent Technologies
High performance liquid chromatography 1200 | Agilent Technologies
mass spectrometry 6420 | Agilent Technologies
Photosynthesis System LI-6800 | Li-cor
Constant temperature and humidity DDC-400R | 계룡과학
Flow cytometry analyzer CytoFLEX | Beckman Coulter
Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer NexION2000 | Perkin Elmer
Micro X-ray fluorescence spectrometry M4 tornado | Bruker
Large particle flow cytometry COPAS | Union Biometrica
Q Exactive Orbitrap MS Ultimate 3000 RSLC/LTQ Orbitrap XL | Thermo Fisher Scientific
Total Organic Carbon Analyzer TOC-LCPH | Shimadzu
Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer Nicolet iS20 | Thermo Scientific
Automatic Physisorption Analyzer Micrometrics, US/ASAP2000 | soltech
Gas sensor analysis system MMVC2S | MSTECH
High-throughput whole-well imaging cytometer Celigo S | Nexcelom Bioscience


Kyungnam, Korea


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  • GC(1).JPG
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  • 실험연구용현미경-2.JPG
  • Triple Quad LC-MS.JPG
  • 생태독성시험실 어류사육 System.JPG
  • GC(2).JPG
  • HPLC(1).JPG
  • 자동혈구분석기.JPG
  • 자동고상추출시스템(SPE).JPG
  • Atomatic Chemistry Anayzer.JPG
  • ASE.jpg
  • 유수식 독성시험시스템.JPG
  • Auomatic Microinjection System.JPG
  • GC-MS(2).JPG
  • SDC13739.JPG
  • UV-Vis Spectrophotometer.JPG
  • 밸리데이션 시스템.jpg
  • Microwave Digestion System.JPG
  • Microarray Scanner.JPG
  • Pure Water System.JPG
  • Evaporation System-1.jpg
  • 자동 혈액응고분석기.JPG
  • 어류사육수 장비.JPG
  • 20121122171629.jpg
  • 20130823_143843.jpg
  • H-R hybridization system.JPG
  • Suttle Box System.JPG
  • GC-MS(1).JPG
  • IC.jpg
  • 무정전전원 공급장치(UPS).JPG
  • Agilent 7890A.jpg
  • Agilent 1200-2.jpg
  • 방사성동위원소폐수처리장치.jpg
  • 분석가스공급 및 자동전환장치.jpg
  • Agilent 1260.jpg
  • LSC.jpg
  • 20150213_135336[1].jpg
  • Turbiscan.jpg
  • GC-MS(3).JPG
  • SEM.jpg
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  • 20160824102416_20130416000000161677 NFEC-2013-04-177796.jpg
  • 20160824102418_20130409000000161560 NFEC-2013-04-177542.jpg
  • 20160824112438_20121126000000157099 NFEC-2013-02-175578.jpg
  • 20160824112443_20080130000000007947 NFEC-2008-01-055894.jpg
  • 20160928112858_20130624000000164613 NFEC-2013-06-180192.jpg
  • 20160928112826_20130621000000164596 NFEC-2013-06-180191.jpg
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