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A National Network Of Accelerators Dedicated To Material Irradiation (EMIR)
Hosting Legal Entity
Armstrong Flight Research Center
Coordinating Country
United States
RI Keywords
reliability, Information Technology (IT), energy conservation, recycling, water efficiency
National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Dryden Flight Research Center, Edwards, California 93523-0273 USA
Dryden?s Consolidate Information Technology Center replaced antiquated facilities and consolidated all IT services into one 400,000 square feet facility. It provides a secure environment and enables us to do more. In addition, the costs of this building over its life cycle will be much lower.

Designed by the Development One Inc., architectural firm of Santa Ana, Calif., the new building is a state-of-the-art facility that meets both current and anticipated future information technology requirements. The building provides energy conservation, recycling, and water efficiency. Dryden?s facility is a silver building, a second of four tiers used to describe new Leadership in Energy and Environment Design, or LEED Buildings, as designated by the U.S. Green Building council.

It also marks the first green building to be constructed at Dryden. The new building consists of steel-frame, concrete masonry construction, with aluminum and glass wall elements and perforated metal overhangs. The new facility is in line with agency-wide goals to consolidate IT resources and building more environmentally sound buildings.
Application Area
The facility is expected to improve the overall reliability of IT service delivery to Dryden customers. It was designed as a Tier III building, which means there is redundant power and cooling for everything, so any one component failure doesn?t impact IT service delivery.

The new information technology center is a model for NASA data centers of the future.
Direct Mission Support - IT Systems Engineering (IT Consulting, IT Solutions Architects, System Security Plan Support) - Dryden Local Service Desk Multimedia Services - Photography (In Flight and Standard, production, archive) - Graphics - Video (In Flight, production, Conference Room A/V design, Archive) - Reproduction (Quick Copy Services) Data Center Services - Hosting (Computing Services, Data Storage, Virtual Machines) - Housing (Tier 3 Center; Rack Space, Cooling, Power) - Value-added Services (System Administration, Lab and Engineering seat Management, Data Management and Delivery - Flight Data) Communication Services - Network (Wired and wireless networks, Remote Access (VPN), Video Over IP, Video Portal) - Firewall Management - Cable Plant - Voice (Telephones; VoIP, Secure Phones, Analog Phones) - Land Mobil Radio (LMR) - Overhead paging - E911/CER-Center Emergency Response End User Services (Via ACES) - Computers (PC/MAC/Linux desktop and Laptops) - Mobile Devices (Cell Phones, Smartphones, Tablets (iPad), Air-Cards/MiFi Mobile Hot Spots) - Printers (Network Printers, Multi-function Devices (MFDs)) - Other (ACES Product Catalog, Loner Pool, WebEx, Home Use Software) Security Services - IT Security Policy - Assessment and Authorizations (Security Plan Management, A&A Scheduling and Coordination) - Identity, Credential, and Access Management (NAMS Workflow Development) - Monitoring (Intrusion Detection, Incident Response) - Threat Vulnerability (Vulnerability Scanning, Patch Management) Application Services - Application Development - Content Management - Application Administration