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A National Network Of Accelerators Dedicated To Material Irradiation (EMIR)
Hosting Legal Entity
Glenn Research Center
Coordinating Country
United States
RI Keywords
aeronautics, aerospace, space environmental simulation, spacecraft
NASA Glenn Research Center, Plum Brook Station, 6100 Columbus Ave., Sandusky, Ohio 44870 USA
The Space Power Facility (SPF) houses the world’s largest and most powerful space environment simulation facilities. The Space Simulation Vacuum Chamber is the world?s largest measuring 100 ft. in diameter by 122 ft. high. The Reverberant Acoustic Test Facility (RATF) is the world?s most powerful spacecraft acoustic test chamber, and the Mechanical Vibration Facility (MVF) is the world?s highest capacity and most powerful spacecraft shaker system. The SPF is located at the NASA Glenn Research Center, Plum Brook Station, in Sandusky, Ohio. This website provides information on the capabilities of this facility and the supporting infrastructure. The facility is available on a full-cost reimbursable basis to government, universities, and the private sector.
Application Area
The SPF was designed to test nuclear and nonnuclear space hardware in a simulated low-Earth-orbit environment.

The SPF sustains high vacuum, simulates solar radiation (400-kW arc lamp), simulates solar radiation (4-MW quartz heat lamp array), produces cold environments via cryogenic cold shroud (-320°F), and provides a high degree of vibration isolation.
The Space Power Facility (SPF) houses the world's largest space environment simulation chamber, measuring 100 ft. in diameter by 122 ft. high. In this chamber, large space-bound hardware can be tested in a severe environment similar to that encountered in space. The facility can sustain a high vacuum; simulate solar radiation via a 4-MW quartz heat lamp array, solar spectrum by a 400-kW arc lamp, and cold environments with a variable geometry cryogenic cold shroud. More recent hardware additions to the SPF include the Reverberant Acoustic Test Facility (RATF), a 2,860 m3 (101,189 ft3) reverberant acoustic chamber capable of achieving an empty-chamber acoustic overall sound pressure level (OASPL) of 163 dB. A further addition is the Mechanical Vibration Facility (MVF), a 3-axis, 6 degrees of freedom, servo-hydraulic, sinusoidal base-shake vibration system located within the same Vibroacoustic Highbay as the RATF on the West side of the vacuum chamber.