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A National Network Of Accelerators Dedicated To Material Irradiation (EMIR)
Hosting Legal Entity
Argonne National Laboratory
Coordinating Country
United States
RI Keywords
transportation, hybrid powertrains, batterries, fuel efficient technology
Argonne TRACC Service Desk, 9700 South Cass Avenue, Building 222, Argonne, IL 60439 USA
The U.S. Department of Energy?s (DOE?s) goals call for increasing the efficiency and productivity of energy use, while limiting the environmental impacts. In support of these goals, Argonne?s Transportation Technology Research and Development Center (TTRDC) brings together scientists and engineers from many disciplines to find cost-effective solutions to the problems of foreign oil dependency and greenhouse gas emissions.

As one of the DOE?s lead laboratories for research in hybrid powertrains, batterries, and fuel efficient technologies, Argonne?s transportation program is critical to advancing the development of next-generation vehicles. The TTRDC?s overall goal is to work with DOE, other federal agencies, and industrial partners to put new transportation technologies on the road that improve the way we live and contribute to a better, cleaner future for all.

Argonne transportation researchers have won dozens of awards and hold hundreds of patents. Argonne?s team approach brings researchers from eight different Argonne divisions together to address transportation problems. Their work is supported by world-class facilities such as:
(1) Advanced Powertrain Research Facility
- 4-wheel Drive Dynamometer Test Facility
- 2-wheel Drive Dynamometer Test Facility
- Modular Automotive Technology Testbed
- Through-the-Road PHEV Prototype Test Vehicle
- Battery Systems Hardware-in-the-Loop
- Engine Systems Hardware-in-the-Loop
- Power Electronics Lab
- Battery Smart Charging Lab
(2) Advanced Photon Source, with a Dedicated Transportation Beamline
(3) Engine Research Facility
(4) Battery Analysis and Diagnostics Laboratory
(5) Fuel Cell Test Facility
(6) Tribology Laboratory
(7) Vehicle Recycling Pilot Plant
Application Area
Argonne transportation research covers several areas:
- Advanced Batteries
- Hybrid Electric and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles
- Advanced Engines
- Alternative Fuels
- Vehicle Systems
- Smart Grid
- Recycling
- Applied Materials Research
- Hydrogen and Fuel Cells
- Powertrain Modeling and Simulation
Argonne provides a wide range of facilities and laboratories for conducting cutting-edge transportation research and testing. The facilities offer state-of-the-art equipment and capabilities. - Advanced Powertrain Research Facility - Battery Post-Test Facility - Electrochemical Analysis and Diagnostics Laboratory - Engine Research Facility - Fuel Cell Test Facility - Materials Engineering Research Facility - Transportation Beamline at Argonne's Advanced Photon Source - Tribiology Laboratory - Transportation Research and Analysis Computing Center