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A National Network Of Accelerators Dedicated To Material Irradiation (EMIR)
Hosting Legal Entity
Red River College
Coordinating Country
RI Keywords
transportation, energy
Advanced Transportation and Energy Centre, Red River College, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3H 0J9, Canada
1. The Advanced Transportation and Energy Centre (ATEC) is a 3000 sq ft research facility at Notre Dame Campus of Red River College dedicated to addressing the issues of emissions reduction and the integration of alternative, renewable sources of fuel for the transportation sector.

The transportation sector is undergoing changes - especially due to the greater use of alternative and renewable fuels as well as hybrids.

The workforce required to support the emerging transportation sector is also going to require new skills. ATEC and its activities will ensure the appropriate workforce is available.

2. Recent relevant projects include:
- Hybrid Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine (HHICE) transit bus cold-weather evaluation
- Hydrogen Fuel Cell transit bus demonstration
- Integrated engine/transmission intercity bus prototype to meet US EPA 2007 and 2010 requirements
- Red River Raycer solar car
- Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle conversion, demonstration and monitoring

3. ATEC: Projects and Developments
(1) Electric Vehicle Technology and Education Centre:
Red River College (RRC) will receive $645,000 from the Province of Manitoba over three years for the creation of the Electric Vehicle Technology and Education Centre (EV-TEC) within ATEC. EV-TEC will be a demonstration and public education site for various all-electric and plug-in hybrid-electric vehicles and their recharging equipment. The public will have a first-hand opportunity to learn more about these emerging technologies as electric vehicles become commercially available.

(2) All-Electric Bus Transit Project:
Following the December 2010 signing of an MOU at RRC between the Province of Manitoba and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) to collaborate on renewable energy opportunities, this $3 million project brings together MHI, New Flyer Industries, Manitoba Hydro, RRC, and the Province of Manitoba to develop an all-electric transit bus and charging system. Announced in April 2011, the bus development will be completed within one year and tested in Manitoba for two more years. Project activities will be focused at ATEC and New Flyer Industries’ Winnipeg facilities..
Application Area
1. ATEC?s mission is three-fold:
- Support innovation in the transportation industry
- Introduce new vehicle technologies through applied research
- Train the next generation of skilled workers to ensure the successful commercialization of new innovations

2. Applied research efforts have been focused upon the end-user:
- Vehicle cold weather testing
- Vehicle emissions testing
- Optimization of fuel economy and emissions, especially in heavy equipment and trucking
- Alternate and renewable fuels utilization and implementation: Permanent multi-fuel refueling station development
- Hydrogen, bio-diesel, ethanol and electricity

3. EVTEC’s mission is threefold:
- To support electric vehicle innovation among Manitoba’s transportation sector,
- To enhance electric vehicle education at RRC and in the region, and
- To increase public awareness of electric vehicle technology.
1. ATEC Research Infrastructure will include: - 3000 sq. ft. of dedicated research space - Drive-in environmental chamber with: ~ -30°C to +30°C and additive humidity capabilities ~ Large enough to accommodate a highway bus - 1000 HP chassis dynamometer integrated within the drive-in environmental chamber - 1000 HP engine dynamometer - Portable vehicle emissions testing (NOx, SOx, particulate matter, etc.) - Multifuel refueling station: Hydrogen, Bio-diesel, Electricity, Ethanol Winnipeg’s geographical location is ideal for ATEC’s applied research activities. With its central location, Manitoba is a major transportation hub within Canada and North America. The Manitoba-based trucking industry directly and indirectly employs 33,000 Manitobans or 5 per cent of the Manitoba labour force. Three of Canada’s ten largest employers in the for-hire trucking industry are headquartered in Winnipeg, and Winnipeg is home to two of North America’s largest bus manufacturers. 2. All-Electric Bus fast facts: - 100% battery powered - First of its kind in Canada - No tailpipe and zero emissions - 40 feet long - Range is 80 km/four hours in typical stop-and-go transit operation - New Flyer’s most advanced platform - A bio-diesel heater is installed for winter operation to heat the interior of the bus - The batteries provide direct current power on a nominal 650 volt system - The battery is 120 kWh in size and the same weight as the engine and fuel tank on a diesel bus - The electrical power in the bus is equivalent to 20,000 to 25,000 AA batteries - After four hours of use, the bus can be recharged in 30 to 40 minutes